Tips for Selling in the Spring

The drought is over—the housing market is about to bloom, much like the long-awaited pleasures of spring.

Inventory tends to rise during this time of year, as sellers want to capitalize on eager buyers actively looking to find a home. ‘Tis the season to list!

If you’re hoping to sell your house this spring, here are some tips and tricks.

Spring cleaning a home

Prioritize repairs

While you don’t want to waste your time and money on needless projects, addressing must-fix problems is a proactive way to stay ahead of your eventual inspection.

Make a list of all the issues you can find in and around the house: leaky plumbing, windows that don’t shut all the way, chips in the wall, etc., and check with your real estate agent to see which ones should be addressed right away. It will be well worth the investment to hire a handyman to ensure that the projects are done correctly.

As a seller, your willingness to make repairs will help you to sell your home faster.

Go through your things

There’s no better time than the present to go through your personal belongings; whether you donate or toss your extra items laying around, de-cluttering your home will go a long way. Even putting some of your things in temporary storage can be a big help in clearing your house to set the stage for potential buyers.

When you go through the selling process—listing your home, taking photos, and starting showings, having a clean and clear space makes a significant impact on the buyer’s ability to imagine themselves in the home. It can also help your home to look bigger, which also goes a long way.

Do a deep, spring cleaning

Similarly, your home will perform best if it’s spotless. Spring is a natural time to do some cleaning, clearing away the dirt and grime of the past year is a must before listing your home. Tackle as much as possible: rent a carpet cleaner (or have them professionally done), restore those hardwood floors, scrub any dirty grout and grime, dust the drapes and ceiling fans, and make sure appliances are as close to sparkling as possible. Be sure to clean the windows (outside and in) and tackle any bad odors.

No one wants to buy a dirty house. A large deep clean can make a significant difference in the buyer experience, so go full out.

Freshen up your décor

While you’re at it, you can also add a few fresh touches to your home. It certainly wouldn’t hurt to swap out decorative pillows and add a throw here or there, to light candles, open the drapes, color coordinate towels, and get fresh flowers for your home. Brightly colored flowers in particular are a popular choice for imitating spring rejuvenation and happy vibes. These small touches go a long way.

Clean up outside, too

Don’t underestimate the power of curb appeal. Spring is an especially great time to clean up the effects of winter and boost buyers’ first impression.

If you’ve been putting off your landscaping projects, consider jumping on the essentials: trim up your hedges, pull weeds, replace dead plants and grass, make sure any pet defecation is picked up, rake up any leaves, remove spider webs from the windows and siding, clean up any debris, and maybe add some boosters like flowers, planters, or tasteful yard décor.

Get an inspection

Sure, after going under contract the buyer will get an inspection of the property. Getting one now, however, is a way to stay proactive.

By ordering your own inspection, you can address any concerns before you even meet your prospective buyer, and you can make the appropriate fixes ahead of the curve. This can even be a selling point, letting buyers know that issues have been addressed and improvements have recently been made.

Small upgrades make a large impact

If you can, try to make your house as up-to-date as possible. Your real estate might have some suggested upgrades to help boost your home’s value. Consider making small impactful changes if bigger projects aren’t feasible—updated cabinet pulls and knobs, light switches, light fixtures, faucets, a fresh coat of paint, or a nice rug can all make quite an impact.

Ready for more?

If you are ready for more information on how to put your best foot forward this spring and prepare to list your home, we’d like to give you some personalized help. Connect with the team at Sopris Realty today. Contact us online or give us a call at 970-945-7677.

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